Thursday, November 1, 2012

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USA Today article "A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind" by Mary Beth Marklein
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Sebastian Thrun
Sebastian Thrun, a Google Vice President and research professor, founded an education company called "Udacity". This company wants to revolutionize education by making learning free and as entertaining as possible. One question I have is this. How is this going to be free? Tax money? Federal money? Also, I agree that learning needs to be fun to be effective, but it still needs structure. I just think there are a lot of questions and situations that need to be addressed concerning this. If we're looking for education to fit individual ways of learning, then something like this could be a solution offered to students. I guess they could experiment with this and see the outcomes. They could study the results and see if it would be effective.

I do think that education needs some changes. Frankly, I am sick and tired of children being taught to do well on standardized tests instead of taught to succeed in real life! I just do not know if I want to jump on the band wagon for this idea just yet. "No one is late." "Failure is not an option." What?? I think that life is full of failures and successes and that we need them both. I have never failed speaking specifically about grades in school, but I can say that I have failed at many things in life. I let those failures push me to be better, though! I am not sure we should do away with failures. Also, I like having teachers who know me and want to see me succeed. With online classes catering to so many students, I'm not sure that would be the case. Education needs to change. I'm just not so sure it should be like this.

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