Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blog Assignment 13

Brian Crosby, Agnes Risley Elementary School, Sparks, Nevada, Back To the Future
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This video really concentrates on collaborative and active learning in the classroom (and outside of the classroom). Mr. Crosby teaches fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Most of the students are second language learners. As a teacher, he is trying to give his students experience so they can build schema. His class has one to one laptops and and all students have their own blogs. With his class he sent a balloon up over a hundred thousand feet. Through this activity, the class met several science, history, and language arts objectives. The classes got hands on experience then wrote about the experience and posted pictures. The class then individually wrote a high hope for their school, their community, and for the world and posted it on their blogs. These types of activities allow the students to build their learning network, too. This type of learning is empowering the students and is motivating. Mr. Crosby also spoke about a student in his class who had leukemia, so she had to stay home because of her immune system. He used Skype to really included her in the class.


I really enjoyed this video. I loved the little girl with leukemia and how happy she looked to be involved in the classroom. I think the types of activities Mr. Crosby is using in his classroom are very effective and active for the students. I agree that so many teachers focus on teaching their students to prepare them for tests and such that they are not motivating the students to learn. When students become motivated to learn then it is amazing what they can do. I plan, as a teacher, to incorporate this type of learning in the classroom. It also makes school more interesting and exciting when you actually get to be active instead of reading a textbook, answering some questions, and then memorizing it for a test.

A Vision of Students Today by Michael Wesch
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This is a short video about the characteristics of students today. It is about how they learn, what they need to learn, what their lives are like, and what their lives will be like in the future. This video pretty much illustrated the thoughts that college students have when they think about education. How will this help me? Why am I purchasing a $200 dollar book that I will never use? Can my teacher be any more enthusiastic about this? Students are obsessed with technology these days. They spend so much time on laptops, Facebook, twitter, cellphones, etc. Why not use technology as a medium for teaching then?
As a student, I can totally relate to the students in this video. Most of the things my teachers teach me I never use again. Most of the ways they teach me are boring and stagnant. Most of the work I do is not helping me at all. I could keep going on and on. The world is changing. Therefore, teachers need to change too. Adapting to the students and what they enjoy is something I hope to accomplish when I become a teacher. I want to be a teacher who is relevant and motivating. I want my students to enjoy school and enjoy learning. Even though, I wrote above that most of my teachers were not helpful, there were also many who were. Those are the teachers who I learned the most from and still use the material I learned in the class to this day. Those are the teachers I look up to and hope to be like.

Love My Teacher

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