Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog Assignment 12

Classroom Management

Classroom Management
1. Watch New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management (11:35).

Write two or more paragraphs about classroom management. What kind of obstacles do you think you will face as a first year teacher? What tips and strategies from the video will you use in your classroom?

2. Summarize each of the following videos and what you can learn about classroom management and rules from each them.

Watch this cartoon on the difficulties of writing good classroom rules: CLASSROOM RULES (2:29)

Watch Creating Classroom Rules (1:44)

Watch What Will Our Rules Look Like? (1:58)

Our Classroom Rules

3. Now, create a list of rules that you might implement in your classroom.

Song The Rules of the Classroom Part 1 (0:44) and Part 2 (0:41)
I just thought these two videos were cute! You do not have to write about these two videos in your blog post.

1. New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management

This video is about a new teacher who is trying to improve the management of her classroom. She talks with a management expert, Jackie Ancess, and applies what she learns to her class. This video shows the before and after of her class. It gives teachers tips for keeping control in their classrooms. Some of the tips include creating a consistent classroom routine, using individual strategies to target students who act out, using group strategies like positive narration, and using non-verbal cues to redirect students.

Even though this video is focused on a sixth grade classroom, I think the tips that are provided for teachers can be useful for all grade levels. One of my personal favorites is using non-verbal cues to redirect students. I have developed quite a talent for the teacher stare. Also, I really feel like breaking down lessons into their smallest components is a very important part of maintaining control in the classroom. Also, making sure to have extra assignments if lessons are done quicker than expected is a good tip to keep in mind. I loved the tip about using games and competition to engage the students. I have found that this strategy works for me. If I am challenged I will most probably do my best and succeed in whatever I am doing.

2. What I learned from these videos:

This is a cartoon about the difficulties of writing good classroom rules. It portrays how hard it can be to right perfect rules. Rules are what keeps the class in order, so it is important to develop good, working rules. You don't want to have too many, but you want to cover everything. The cartoon shows exactly how agitated teachers can get. Teachers may even want to resort to, as the cartoon says, calling in sick... The students can make their own rules!

Creating Classroom Rules
Speaking of students making their own rules... This is a short excerpt from Creating Rules with Students in a Responsive Classroom. It showcases a third-grade class as they group rules together. They organize all the many rules they have listed into categories. I think this can be a good idea for some classes because it helps the children understand the rules, and they also have ownership over them and, therefore, are more likely to obey them.

What Will Our Rules Look Like?
This video is about a first grade teacher who uses discussion and an activity to help students understand how to act according to the classroom rules they have created together. She has the students draw a picture for each classroom rule to show her what they would look like if they were following the rules. I think this would be a good activity for young kids, but not as much for the older ones. (I did get a good laugh out of the girl swinging her hair around at the beginning of the video!)

3. After quite a bit of thought, I finally decided on the rules I would use in my classroom. Of course, these are subject to change, but for right now this is what I came up with. These are in no particular order.

Miss Alison's rules:
1. Listen when your teacher is talking
2. Raise your hand to speak
3. Keep your hands to yourself
4. Respect adults, respect others, respect yourself, and respect your school
5. If it's not yours, don't touch it
6. Follow all directions
7. Come to class prepared and on time everyday

Know The Rules


  1. Hi Alison,
    I really liked your blog post idea. I think good classroom management is a very important key to success. The non-verbal cue is probably my favorite as well. I have two boys and I can silence them in an instant with one look. They know when they only get a look and no words, they have gone too far!

    Great job and good luck!

  2. Very interesting. I am more interested in using the video to look at a way of self reflecting with the help of another professional. Thanks! i will use it next semester!