Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project #10 - Personal Learning Network 1st Progress Report

For my PLN, I am using Symbaloo. I have a Home Webmix and an EDU Tools Webmix. They helps me keep track of all the different people, websites, and tools that I use as a student and a future educator. Currently, my PLN consists of several social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. Through these sites I can keep in touch with all the people I have met and can rely on for information. I follow all the people you suggested on the Twitter List. I have gained much from these individuals in particular.
Mr. William Chamberlain @wmchamberlain
Mr. Joe McCling @jkmcclung
Ms. Wendy Drexler @wendydrexler
Steven W. Anderson @web20classroom
Ms. Jenny She @jshe
My PLN also consists of different websites that contain useful information for educators. One is Edutopia and another is At the Teacher's Desk Blog. I have a tile in Symbaloo for TED, so I can access videos of great speakers like Sir Ken Robinson. I have other personal sites that I use to access things like the news, my bank, the school website, the library, music, stores, etc. I also have a tile for the EDM 310 Class Blog. Even though my PLN is not complete, I do not think they ever can be. They should always be changing and growing. PLNs are a work in progress always. I am an organization freak, so I really enjoy how organized Symbaloo is. I am looking forward to finding more people, websites, and tools for my PLN.
My Symbaloo

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