Tuesday, October 2, 2012

C4K Summary for September

For my C4K #1, I was assigned to Moses at Pt England School.
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Moses is a fifth grade student in class 13 Pt England School, Auckland, N.Z. He likes to play with his brother at home, and he also likes rugby. Ms. King is his teacher.Visit The Class Blog

Moses posted a short story called the "The Little Mouse" on his blog on September 19, 2012. It was about a mouse coming out of his hole after a long winter sleep. The mouse went outside and ate some cheese and ran to get some other food. It was too cold, so he went back to his hole to sleep. Not long after, the mouse wanted more food.

When I left my comment, I first introduced myself to Moses. I told him that I live in the United States and am currently going to school at the University of South Alabama, so I can become an elementary teacher. I compared myself to the little mouse in the story, because I seem to want food often too! I told him how my dad is always asking me how I stay so skinny, because all I do is eat. I always say that I cannot help it that food is so good! I then asked him what kind of foods he likes. I also told him how I am like the mouse, because I like to sleep when it is cold. I snuggle up in all my blankets, and in just a few seconds I am sound asleep. I asked him if he liked to sleep. Then, I told him about when I was younger, and how I was always so active that I would never want to slow down enough to take a nap. Now, I wish I could take naps, because work and school can really wear a person out. I thanked him for sharing the story!

For my C4K #2, I was assigned to Cooper in Mrs. Krebs @mrsdkrebs 8th grade in Iowa.
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Cooper is an eighth grade student in Mrs. Krebs' class. He loves to play and watch sports, and his favorite teams are the Miami Heat, New York Yankees, New England Patriots, and the Iowa State Cyclones. He plays baseball, basketball, and football. He likes to use computers and other kinds of electronics. Visit The Class Blog

Cooper posted a picture of his class and explained that this week (the week of September 25th) is their homecoming week. He wrote that they start the week off by going to Gehlen, because that school and their school will be merging next year. They also share the same football team. The class also decorates their hallways for a homecoming contest. On Tuesday, the class dresses in all gray for Monochromatic Day. On Wednesday they wear fifty of one thing on their bodies for 50 Nifty Things Day. This is to celebrate Spalding's 50th anniversary. On Thursday the class dresses as a herd of animals for Herd Day. Cooper's class dresses as cats. Friday is Spartan Spirit Day, so the student's dress in as much black and gold as possible. They go back to Gehlen for a homecoming parade and play the Okoboji team in football.

When I left my comment, I first introduced myself to Cooper. I told him that I live in Alabama and that I go to school at the University of South Alabama where I am getting my degree in elementary education. I told him about my blog for EDM310 and a little bit about the class. I wrote to Cooper that I read how much he likes to play sports. I told him how I like to play those sports, but that I am not too good at them. I asked him questions like "How did your class do in the homecoming decorating contest?" and "What did you wear fifty of for 50 Nifty Things Day?" I told him how I did not know how his teacher is going to be able to concentrate and teach the class on Herd Day, because every time she looks at her class to speak she is going to see a whole bunch of cats! I told him that I hope he has a great time at his homecoming parade and that their football team wins.

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