Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog Assignment 7

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler
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Personal Learning Network
The Networked Student is a great video to help people understand networked learning in the 21st century. This video is cartoon-like because it uses pieces of paper to portray information. I really liked this approach. It kept me entertained and helped me follow along with the information that was being given. Honestly, I believe that this is what the schools of tomorrow will be like.

The video was about a student in a psychology class in high school. This, as the video mentioned, could be any student in any class in any school. The student had no textbook and his teacher never lectured. His teacher was a student of connectivism, a theory that learning is done as part of a social network with various connections and ties. This is done through many tools of technology. This teacher empowers her students to take control of their learning and make connections with others during the learning process. Therefore, the student builds his personal learning network. He looks up valid information and shares it with others via networking tools. Through each connection, he has a new learning opportunity.

Personal Learning Network
I felt one of the most critical parts of this video was the teachers role in a networked classroom. Why does the networked student even need a teacher? Well, as the video stated, teachers should be the guide for the students. Information management can be a challenge and that is why it is critical for the teacher to know as much as possible about all the useful technology out there. First of all, teachers are the ones who teach the students how to build these networks and how to effectively use them for learning. One thing is for sure, students will always have questions. The teacher needs to be there for students who get stuck, need advice, or need answers to questions. The teacher also models the correct ways to communicate and how to differentiate good and bad information.

the roles of teacher, guide, coach and leader
When I was thinking about this role the teacher plays, I thought about how Dr. Strange always says he prefers being seen as a coach instead of a teacher. I think this idea goes hand in hand with the role presented in this video. Teachers are no longer the only means of information, so their role has changed. They teach students how to obtain information instead of giving it straight to them. Coaches encourage, correct, and push their students to be the best they can be. I found a video that represents this teacher as a coach role. It does not have to do specifically with technology, but it shows how teachers "coach" their students to greatness.
Great Teachers: "Coaching"
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Detroit Public Television highlights some local teachers who strive to make a difference in students' lives. These teachers want to build a long lasting relationship with their students and show them how to work as a team. This video is just eight minutes long. Please, please, please take a moment to watch this video and see if you think taking a "coach- like" approach will benefit your students.

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN)
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Welcome to My PLE, a personal tour by a seventh grade science student, was very interesting. The student sounded really engaged in her learning and liked the freedom she had to search the web. The PLE in this video was built using This student's PLE is extremely advanced and my PLN is just getting started. I look forward to learning about all the tools there are to help me as a teacher prepare students for the best future they can have.


  1. PLNs are always "works in progress."

    I watched the Coaching movie. It may make it into the assignments next spring.

    A model post. Exceptional! Thank you very much.

  2. Dear Alison,

    My name is Jazmin, and I must say I really enjoyed your post out of all the ones I have read so far in the semester. Your post hit everything straight on point, and had all the parts needed to create a quality blog. The only error I could really see was punctuation. Some sentences need a comma before the coordinating conjunction “and”. Here are a few examples I caught,

    -“ Information management can be a challenge, and that is why it is critical for the teacher to know as much as possible about all the useful technology out there.”

    -“ These teachers want to build a long lasting relationship with their students, and show them how to work as a team.”

    Again, just look back and see if you might catch any throughout your post. I also watched your video link on, Great Teachers: “Coaching”. The video was very inspiring, and I agree that every teacher needs to make a relationship with their students. She mentioned in the video about the DIVA Club (Distinguish, Individual, Vowing, Achievement) she established. The Diva’s were a group of girls learning the meaning of team work, as well as learning to gain respect from other people. All teachers really should help with life lessons. Great post Alison, and thank you for sharing the video!