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Summary C4T #1

Scott Jelias: Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?
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For part one of my C4T Assignment #1 I posted a comment to Scott Jelias' post from February 8, 2012 "Convening a Professional Study Group". Scott Elias is currently in his second year as the principal of Conrad Ball Middle School in Loveland, Colorado. Prior to coming to CBMS, he spent three years as an assistant principal at Loveland High School and two years as an assistant principal at Greeley West High School. He spent the first 9 years of his professional career in the Broward County School District in South Florida serving as an assistant principal, technology coordinator, and a teacher of math, statistics, and physics.

In the first post, Mr. Elias wrote about the test scores at his school. Since he was not satisfied with them, he decided to create a Professional Study Group. He does not like the fact that kids are taken out of the classes they love like band and art and made to have extra time in the classes they dislike and do poorly in just so that the teachers do not have to be placed on an improvement plan. Mr. Elias stated, "There are too many highly intelligent and committed educators in my school who want to be involved in the process of making things better." This is why he developed the Professional Study Group, which is about a dozen teacher who come together and share ideas about how to supply their students with the tools to be successful in school and life.

I commented on how I was inspired by his dedication to his students and their achievement. I wrote that I thought it was fantastic that he wanted his teachers to be involved in the process. I also commented that I agree that standardized tests are not the best way to determine what students know, but that is the way it is. Therefore, we must prepare our students the best we can. I wished him success and let him know that I would love to know how it turns out.

When I went to do my second comment, there had not been another post, so I looked through the older posts. I came across this post "PhocuseD 3: I’m doing this, why?" posted on January 23, 2012. It was very inspiring. It was about him trying to get his PhD and becoming very discouraged with the struggles that come with school, kids, bills, etc. He said that when he wants to give up and quit he sees how far he has come already and the positive results that lie ahead in the future if he finishes. Mr. Elias said, "Heck, if it was easy everyone would have a PhD." All I could say was "SO TRUE!!"

I commented that his post was encouraging not only for those who are working on getting there PhD but for everyone who is dealing with a situation in which they feel like giving up. I have been in that situation myself several times, and like he said, I have to remember the reason I am doing what I am doing and press on towards my goal! This was inspiring to me because he was able to admit his struggle and encourage others to not let their struggles stop them from pursing their goals.
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