Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

About Me
My name is Alison Stacey, and I am currently a junior at the University of South Alabama. My major is Elementary Education. This is only my second year in college. I am a junior because I had enough credits from AP/DE/CLEP to skip one year. I would like to teach either second or third grade, but once I get more experience with children in schools I could quite possibly change my mind on what age level I would like to teach. Before coming to South, I attended Mary G. Montgomery High School. I chose to attend USA because it is close to home and has a very good education program. Ever since I was a child, my parents taught me to value my education, and I have done just that. I believe that is why I am pursuing a teaching career. I think education is extremely important, and I think being a teacher is a great opportunity to impact many kid's lives.
I work at The Orthopaedic Group, P.C. (Airport location). I am the student in the insurance/billing department. I have been there for almost three years. Although I do not want to work in this field forever, my job has proved to be a blessing. I started working at The Orthopaedic Group at the end of my junior year in high school, and I am still there now.
I grew up in Mobile, Alabama and moved to Semmes the summer before I started high school at MGM. I am active in my church, and I am also very family-oriented. I have amazing parents, one brother, and one sister. My brother is my twin, and my sister is exactly eleven years older than us. Yes, we all have the same birthday. On the day my sister turned eleven, John and I were born. Since my sister is much older than me, she has always been like a second mom and a great role model. My brother (like all brothers) can be annoying, but I love him anyways. We have one dog. I love spending time with my family. We are always together.
I am not only getting a degree in Elementary Education, I am also working on getting my license for ministry. I want to work in children's ministry. Since I am doing both of these, I spend quite a bit of my time on schooling. I love being involved at my church. I went to Honduras on a mission's trip about a year ago, and I loved every minute of it!

Randy Pausch On Time Management
Time management is not something that I usually struggle with. Since I have both work and school, I have to manage my time very wisely. I am a very organized person. I am not just organized in school related things but in pretty much every aspect of life. I have both calenders and to do lists. One thing I do struggle with is dread. In the video, Pausch suggested that a person do the worst thing first. I usually put it off until the very last thing because I dread doing it. If I really think about it though, it just causes me more stress in the long run by putting it off. If I get it done first then I am not worried about it, and I can concentrate on my other tasks. I will definitely take his suggestion and apply it to my life. This video is the first time I have heard of Randy Pausch. I do not know any more about him other than what I just watched. From what he said in this video he seems like an intelligent man.

At first I did not think I needed to do this optional assignment of reading about more time management tips and advice, but after this week with Hurricane Isaac and all the changes in my schedule, I realized I could use all the advice I could get. So, here I am back at my blog post realizing how informational this optional part was and how glad I am that I came back and did it. From the Penn State University's page on time management activities, I found informational tips on how to use time wisely, the benefit of using a planner, and the best way to prepare for final exams. I do keep a planner, but I learned some ways to make my planner even better and more precise. I also realized how many "time wasters" fill the time in my day. From reading the other page on time management lessons, I learned about developing strategies to achieve my goals and avoiding mistakes like procrastination.


  1. Your about me was very interesting and its excellent that your ahead of most students your age, I wish i knew about this program when i was high school. Im just curious, are you working on Ministering now? How is that for? I've heard that taking up two majors is difficult thats why I chose not to do things at once. I too usually put off the hardest thing off first and it does cause a lot more stress and frustration.

    1. I have completed one class in my ministerial program. Since working on two majors at a time can be difficult, I only take my ministry classes during the summers. I just cannot manage my job and taking 18 hours here at South with those other classes too.